“Villa dei Cedri” mineral water was recognized for hydropinotherapy by the Ministry of Health with a decree issued on 28th December 1998 and by the Region of Veneto wit the Decree 43 issued on 27th February 2013.

“Villa dei Cedri” mineral water presents the following qualities:

  • it can have diuretic effects;
  • it may be indicated in low-sodium diets;
  • it can improve renal function and facilitate urinary clearance of uric acid.

In this case, it can be administered in a single massive dose when one wishes to obtain the so-called flushing effect in order to expel small kidney stones.

The presence of the bicarbonate component may reduce the gastric acidity, thus aiding digestion. It can have beneficial effects on the digestive tube through activation of pancreatic output.

The calcium-magnesium component, in addition to making the water more palatable, can exert a relaxing effect on biliary tract muscle and a sedative effect on the stomach.

One additional characteristic property of mineral waters containing the elements calcium and magnesium is that they exert a general pharmacological action on several organs.

Little is known about the biological activity and therapeutic properties of water containing silicon, but for sure they have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

With ageing, the human body looses silicon with a consequent loss of elasticity of the arteries. The ability to introduce silicon in natural form in a beverage, without resorting to the use of drugs with all their contraindications, is a distinct advantage.

Hydropinotherapy is indicated in the morning at empty stomach, but also but during the meals.

Indicatively, an average daily dose should range from 250 cc to 1500 cc (6/8 glasses of thermal water).

Between one and the other glass we recommend a walk in the park, since light movement facilitates the diuresis and the renal function.

The duration of the treatment should be at least two weeks. The treatment can be done at any time of the year.

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