The new Gym Villa dei Cedri is located in the Parco Termale del Garda, in the area of the thermal pool. This nature and fitness area is equipped with the most modern training machines and an exercise room for courses and fitness activities in order to recover and revitalize mind, body and soul.

In the park there are also big external areas for sports activities of all kinds and tracks for energy recovery activities.


Program aimed to reduce and keep your weight. By appointment our specialised staff will instruct you how to use the gym machines properly.

Slim Program

Our members of staff and doctors will provide you with vitality and holistic well-being.

It all begins with a consultation with the doctor who will help create an individual program for you to restore and improve your health. Your weight is constantly monitored (every week controlled by our staff and once a month by our physiatric).

Finding well-being with specific programs to cleanse the body and to re-balance your weight and your metabolism.